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Ashley Washington

Cake Artist & Owner, Blissful Delights by Ashley

Ashley found the love of baking and cake decorating at an early age. Growing up in South Houston, Ashley was always in the kitchen with her grandma as she baked cakes for weddings, birthdays and just because the grandkids wanted something sweet!


While her cousins were outside playing, Ashley was in the kitchen asking all sorts of questions, "Why did you put that in there?", "How do you know when it's done?", and of course "Can I have the bowl?!"


When her grandma passed away, Ashley's passion for baking was awakened. She began making custom treats for bake sales at work and created a buzz at the office. Soon, everyone wanted a special treat made just for them!


Ashley aspires to be as great of a baker as her Grandma Sylvia by creating sweets that are filled with love and passion!

Bakery logo for Houston, TX based bakery Blissful Delights by Ashley
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